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Is My Spouse a Sex Addict?


 Does your spouse have unaccountable time?
Does your spouse have unaccountable money?
Does your spouse have unaccountable moods? 
Does your spouse's moods depend on whether he/she gets sex or not?
Does your spouse have a lack of sexual activity with you?
Does your spouse have a history of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect?
Does your spouse have a supply of pornography (especially the kind you get at adult bookstores) Does your spouse have pornographic websites bookmarked or in the history file?
Are there many arguments over sex? 
 Is your spouse unable to be emotionally intimate?
Does sex appear to not satisfy him/her (wants more right away or there never seems to be enough)? 
  Is there a lot of anger or erratic behavior when he/she is said "no" to sexually? 
Do you feel alone during your sexual encounters.
Do you feel used, dirty or abandoned after sexual encounters? 
Is there a sense that he's/she's got his "fix" and now he's better?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, sexual addiction may be a real possibility. Talk with your spouse today and see if he/ she is willing to get help.


Internet Sex Screening Test

By David Delmonico, Elizabeth Griffin & Joseph Moriatity


Read each statement carefully and answer honestly. If the statement is true or mostly true for you, mark the blank with a T. If it is false or mostly false, mark the blank with an F.


__1. I have some sexual sites bookmarked.

__2. I spend more than five hours per week using my computer for sexual pursuits.

__3. I have joined sexual sites to gain access to online sexual material.

__4. I have purchased sexual products online.

__5. I have searched for sexual material through an Internet search tool.

__6. I have spent more money for online sexual material than I planned.

__7. Internet sex has sometimes interfered with certain aspects of my life.

__8. I have participated in sexually related chats.

__9. I have a sexualized user name or nickname that I use on the Internet.

__10. I have masturbated while on the Internet.

__11. I have accessed sexual sites from other computers besides my own.

__12. No one knows I use my computer for sexual purposes.

__13. I have tried to hide what is on my computer or monitor so others cannot see it.     

__14. I have stayed up after midnight to access sexual material online.

__15. I use the Internet to experiment with different aspects of sexuality such as  bondage and anal sex.

__16. I have my own Web site that contains sexually explicit material.

__17. I have made promises to myself to stop using the Internet for sexual purposes.

__18. I sometimes use Cybersex as a reward for accomplishing something like finishing a project or enduring a stressful day.

__19. When I am unable to access sexual information online, I feel anxious, angry or disappointed.

__20. I have increased the risks I take online (for example, giving out my real name and phone number or meeting people offline).

__21. I have punished myself for using the Internet for sexual purposes. For example, I’ve arranged time-out from the computer or canceled Internet subscriptions.

__22. I have met face-to-face with someone I met online for romantic purposes.

__23. I use sexual humor and innuendo with others while online.

__24. I have run across illegal sexual material while on the Internet.

__25. I believe I am an Internet sex addict.


Total number of statements marked ‘true’:________________________________


Total number of statements marked ‘false”:_______________________________

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